About Papa Parenting

As new parents, my wife and I struggled to find helpful advice and resources to navigate parenthood. We spent hours scouring baby books, and online forums and listening to contradictory advice from well-meaning friends and family. But clear, comprehensive, and science-backed guidance was hard to come by.

We started Papa Parenting to create the resources we wished we had as new parents. Our mission is to provide helpful, trustworthy, and inclusive parenting information to empower all parents with confidence and joy.

Papa Parenting was founded in 2022 by Mithun Debnath. As a first-time dad to a baby Boy, Mithun was surprised by the lack of inclusive and evidence-based parenting resources tailored for modern parents. He spent his paternity leave rigorously researching the latest advice from pediatricians, child psychologists, and parenting experts. Mithun started sharing the helpful tips, stories, and lessons he was learning on this journey of parenthood.

To his surprise, Papa Parenting started gaining a devoted readership of new moms and dads looking for the same type of thoughtful, inclusive, and transformative parenting content. The community grew rapidly through word-of-mouth from parents finding value in the practical, judgment-free advice.

The goal of Papa Parenting is to create content based on facts, not fads or fearmongering. We highlight advice from reputable parenting experts and pediatricians, not wellness influencers. The information is presented in an easy-to-digest, relatable way with a dose of humor. We aim to address parents’ most pressing questions and provide solutions that actually work for modern families.

At Papa Parenting, we believe parenting should bring families joy, not anxiety or judgment. No one knows your child as you do, so trust your instincts and do what feels right for your situation. We hope to inspire confidence in your abilities and help make this rewarding journey of parenthood a little bit easier.

The Papa Parenting team has expanded to include mothers and child development experts. But we have stayed true to our vision of creating content that treats parents as capable, intelligent, and resourceful.

Our goal is for Papa Parenting to become a trusted and inclusive digital resource for parents worldwide. We want all families, regardless of gender, relationship status, ethnicity, or income level, to have access to the helpful advice and community support they need during this profoundly life-changing experience of raising children. We invite you to join our community of joyful parenting.

Welcome to Papa Parenting! We’re glad you’re here.