Dad and Buried: The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog That Resonates with Modern Parents

dad and buried: Anti-Parent Parenting

Parenting blogs are ubiquitous these days, dispensing advice on everything from handling toddler tantrums to planning Pinterest-worthy birthday parties. But one parenting blog stands out for its raw, candid take on the less glamorous side of raising kids – Dad and Buried.

Created by Mike Julianelle, a Brooklyn dad raising two young boys, Dad and Buried has struck a chord with its “anti-parent parenting” approach. This refreshing alternative to traditional parenting platforms resonates with moms and dads who need solidarity, not sanctimony.

The Man Behind the Revolution

Mike Julianelle launched Dad and Buried in 2010 as an outlet for processing his journey into parenthood. His blunt, humorous musings quickly garnered a following of parents craving the same cathartic release.

As a former stand-up comic, Julianelle infuses his posts with plenty of wit, but also bares the soul-crushing exhaustion, isolation, and self-doubt familiar to many new parents. His candid snapshots depict parenthood as the relentless grind it often becomes, not the rosy ideal perpetuated on Instagram.

Core Themes That Resonate

The Agony and Ecstasy

Rather than focusing solely on potty training milestones and adorable baby giggles, Dad and Buried pull back the curtain on the darker underbelly of parenting. Screaming fits in the cereal aisle, dwindling sex lives, resenting your offspring – it’s all laid bare in vivid detail.

Mental Health and Self-Care

Dad and Buried emphasize the importance of preserving mental health and prioritizing self-care in giving voice to parental frustrations and anxieties. Julianelle’s advice on coping with stress and seeking support normalizes struggles faced behind closed doors.

Navigating Judgment

The blog tackles the impossible standards and unsolicited judgments foisted upon parents head-on. By calling out societal BS, Julianelle empowers parents to define success on their terms.

Why This Anti-Parenting Approach Resonates

  • Relatable content: Julianelle’s raw honesty makes parents feel seen and less alone. His candor is a breath of fresh air.
  • Reframing parenthood: By spotlighting the messy underbelly, Dad and Buried soothe parents worn down by pursuing perfection.
  • Building community: Readers find solace in shared commiseration. The blog fosters a judgment-free support network.
  • Humor heals: Laughter helps lighten the mental load. Julianelle’s satirical take diffuses tension with much-needed comic relief.

The Lasting Influence

As tired parents flock to this unconventional oasis, Dad and Buried have spawned a movement. Julianelle now spearheads a popular podcast and book further exploring the anti-parent parenting philosophy.

By providing a platform for parenting’s most raw, unfiltered realities, Julianelle has emboldened moms and dads to stop chasing perfection and embrace the chaos. For parents feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, Dad and Buried’s brand of solidarity humor is truly revolutionary.


Dad and Buried fills a void in the parenting blogosphere, serving solidarity and comic relief for moms and dads riding the relentless rollercoaster of raising kids. By tackling the agonies and absurdities of parenthood head-on, this anti-parenting platform provides a judgment-free sanctuary all parents need but rarely get.

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