25 Heartfelt Messages to Write to Your Unborn Baby for a Baby Shower

25 baby shower wishes to Unborn Baby

The arrival of a new baby is one of life’s most joyful occasions. As an expectant parent prepares to welcome their bundle of joy, a baby shower is a beautiful celebration of the new life to come.

One of the highlights of these joyful events is when guests thoughtfully sign cards with their best wishes for the baby-to-be. Writing a heartfelt message to an unborn baby is a touching way to express your love, hopes, and excitement before meeting them.

In this post, we’ll explore the origins of baby showers, the benefits of writing to unborn babies, and 25 beautiful examples of what to write on your baby shower card.

The History and Significance of Baby Showers

Baby showers date back thousands of years to ancient Egyptian and Victorian traditions of honoring expectant mothers. Over time, cultures worldwide developed their own customs of “showering” the mom-to-be with gifts, games, food, and well-wishes.

According to research from the University of California, Berkeley, writing letters of gratitude can boost mental health and well-being1Celebrating positive events with others, such as baby showers, may also enhance happiness and life satisfaction2. Baby showers recognize the miracle of new life, allowing loved ones to show appreciation through heartfelt messages.

Writing in a card also introduces the unborn baby to the tradition of reading, setting them up for a lifetime of learning. The American Academy of Pediatrics finds that reading to children from infancy promotes healthy development.

Choosing the Perfect Baby Shower Message for Your Unborn Baby

Reflect on your relationship with the parents and baby when deciding what to write. Are you a doting grandparent, a fun-loving aunt, or a dear friend? Share a message that reflects your unique bond.

If you know the baby’s gender, you can include some boy- or girl-specific details. For multiples like twins, acknowledge the double excitement!

Then, consider what tone fits your personality and the occasion. Share funny anecdotes, earnest advice, or spiritual blessings. University of Sussex researchers found personalized messages make gifts more meaningful.

Most importantly, be creative and sincere. Whether you keep it simple or write a poem, your love will shine through.

Now, let’s look at 25 beautiful examples of what to write:

25 Beautiful Messages to Write Your Unborn Baby

1. Share Your Excitement

“We are so excited for you to join our family, sweet baby!”

“Can’t wait to meet you, little one!”

“Counting down the days until we get to hold you!”

2. Welcome Them to the World

“Anticipating your arrival with so much joy.”

“Ready to shower you with cuddles and kisses, precious baby.”

“The world already loves you so much, little one!”

3. Rhyming Poems

“Blankets, bibs, and baby toes, almost here, your new life grows.”

“Twinkle twinkle, little star, can’t wait to meet you, whoever you are!”

“Our family’s love will surround you tight, from morning to night.”

4. Share Parenting Quotes

“As Kate Douglas Wiggin said, ‘A baby is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.’ We can’t wait to meet you!”

“Like Shel Silverstein said, ‘Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.’ Welcome to our world of possibilities!”

5. Religious Blessings

“You are already so loved and blessed, little one.”

“May God’s light guide your path always. Can’t wait to meet you!”

“Our family rejoices for this gift from above. You, sweet baby, are a miracle of love.”

6. Wish Them Happiness

“Life will be sweeter with you, little sugarplum!”

“Wishing you a future full of joy and giggles.”

“May you be healthy, happy, and free to dream big!”

7. Share Your Hopes

“I hope you love exploring nature and reading books as much as your mom and dad.”

“I hope we’ll share a love of baking cookies, little one!”

“Wishing you a life of following your passions.”

8. Promise Your Love

“I always promise to be there when you need guidance, a hug, or a partner in crime!”

“I’ll be cheering the loudest at every milestone you reach.”

“You will always have my unconditional love.”

9. Share Your Appreciation

“Thank you for the boundless joy you’re already bringing us.”

“Our family is so blessed by your little life.”

“You are exactly the miracle we’ve waited for.”

10. Simple Messages

“Auntie loves you!”

“See you soon, little peach!”

“Baby (surname), we adore you!”

Personalizing Your Baby Shower Message

To add that extra special touch, personalize your message with details like:

  • Baby’s name or due date
  • Hopes of meeting baby at upcoming holidays
  • Family traditions you look forward to sharing
  • Inside jokes or nicknames

Consider mentioning gift ideas like photo albums, handmade quilts, or heirloom children’s books you may give the baby someday.

Sharing favorite memories with the parents makes your wishes even more heartfelt.

Cute Closings for Your Baby Shower Card

End your message with a thoughtful goodbye:

  • “Love,” “Hugs,” or “Blessings”
  • “Your future (grandma/auntie/friend),” followed by your name
  • “With love from the (your last name) family”
  • “XOXO” or “Smooches from (your city)”
  • “Auntie (your name)” or “Uncle (your name)”

The Gift of Writing to an Unborn Baby

Writing a personal message to an unborn baby is a gift that will touch the parents’ hearts. By sharing your sincere wishes, you’re joining in their anticipation of the life to come.

Whether your message is funny or serious, long or short, the meaning behind your words is what matters most. Spend time crafting a note expressing your bond with this new little life.

These tips and examples will inspire you to get creative with your baby shower wishes. You can find more advice on who not to invite to your baby shower to avoid any drama in this helpful guide from Papa Parenting. What unique messages would you share? Let us know in the comments below!


How do you congratulate an unborn baby?

There are many thoughtful ways to congratulate an unborn baby. Writing a heartfelt message in a baby shower card is a nice gesture. You can express your excitement to meet them, wish them health and happiness, share hopes for their future, or send blessings. Small personalized gifts like a customized blanket or photo book are also sweet. The critical thing is conveying your genuine joy for the new life to come.

What are some good baby shower gifts to give with a message?

Some good baby shower gift ideas to pair with a personal note include:

  • Books: Inscribe the inside cover with a message.
  • Photo album: Leave a message on the first page.
  • Handmade blanket or quilt: Attach a tag with your wishes sewn in.
  • Hand-decorated frame: Write your note on the back before framing a baby photo.
  • Personalized baby gear: Have the message engraved or embroidered.
  • Keepsake box: Tuck your message inside for the parents to find later.

Should I share the message publicly in the shower or keep it private?

This is your personal choice. Some people feel more comfortable reading their message aloud in the shower for everyone to hear. Others may want the note to be more private between them and the expectant parents.

If you plan to read it publicly, remember your audience and relationship with the parents. An intimate gathering with close family and friends may be fine for a heartfelt message. I suggest keeping it more general for a more significant or mixed crowd.

A private note allows you to write Anything more personal. You can always verbally share a quick public message, then give your card privately.

How early can I write a message to an unborn baby?

You can write a message to an unborn baby when the pregnancy is announced. The parents will likely appreciate your heartfelt note no matter how far along they are.

Many people like to send messages early on, conveying excitement and offering encouragement. Notes written closer to the due date are more about anticipating meeting the baby soon.

Ultimately, it’s up to you when it feels right to send your baby wishes based on your relationship and the timing of a baby shower or other celebration.

What if I don’t know the baby’s gender yet?

If the parents have opted for a gender surprise, there are many ways to craft a thoughtful message without knowing if the baby is a boy or a girl. Here are some ideas:

  • Use gender-neutral language like “baby” instead of son or daughter.
  • Focus your message on their future, personality, or relationship with the parents rather than gender specifics.
  • Write a rhyming poem or story that avoids pronouns.
  • Share advice, hopes, blessings, or excitement to meet them no matter who they are.
  • Mention you look forward to hearing if it’s a boy or a girl when they’re ready to share.
  • The beauty of your message is the love and meaning behind your words, not the gender details.

Can parenting advice be included in the message?

In most cases, avoiding offering unsolicited parenting advice in a baby shower message is better. This allows you to keep the focus on welcoming the baby and celebrating the expectant parents.

If you have advice to share, you can subtly hint at it rather than being overt. For example, “I hope you get lots of rest and take care of yourself as you get ready for baby” is gentler than direct advice to sleep whenever possible.

You know your relationship best. Close family or friends having their second or third child may be more open to cheerful tips or jokes about parenting than easily offended first-time parents. When in doubt, keep it light and focus your message on affection for the baby and parents.

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